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Whole Earth Farms Cat Food Reviews

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Hundreds of cat foods are available in the market, but not everybody looks into feline nutrition like the way Whole Earth Farms Cat food does. Even when your cat is a tad bit finicky about its food, still it won’t make any fuss during the meal time, if you are serving cat food from Whole Earth Farms brand. After going through the Whole Earth Farms Cat Food Reviews, you will know why it is a nutritious food choice for the cats and dogs.

You won’t find any soy, corn or wheat ingredients and it also ensures that these products are completely free of any artificial additives. The canned foods are natural and include high-quality ingredients produced in the US by meeting all the required standards.

Diving deep into the matter

For any cat owner, the most difficult part is to figure out a healthy cat food. Some cat foods claim to be one of the best, but it might not suit your cat. You must be pulling your hair out of frustration by now because you are not sure whether you should go for the dry food for its dental health or wet food to keep it hydrated. It is easy to lure people by publishing seductive advertisements. Therefore makes sure to read the cat food products reviews to understand the exact customer feedbacks.

The best cat food is the one that is made of whole proteins and is free from any controversial or harmful substances. Merrick Pet Care is the parent company manufacturing Whole Earth Farms Cat Food which is a trusted name since 1988. The producer guarantee that not a single ingredient of their product comes from China.

whole earth farms cat food recall

No matter how big a name it is, market recalls are quite common. But, Whole Earth Farms Cat Food has not yet had a single recall. Though a cat has nine lives, that doesn’t mean you will gamble its life by buying some unreliable brand of food.

Healthy bites, low price

Not always you can find one brand that is budget friendly and ideal for the feline. Most of the canned foods are not grain free, so it becomes challenging for the cats to digest them. Food that has various textures as well as the flavors and isn’t expensive too can find on the market in the name of Whole Earth Farms Cat Food. When all other products are digging a hole in your pocket, this cat food is saving you a lot.

Meat should top the list of ingredients of any cat food and this particular product prepared in such a way that all breeds and ages of cat will gorge on that because its main ingredient is meat. They have different flavors like Beef, Chicken Morsels, Duck, Chicken Pate, Tuna & Whitefish, Salmon, and Turkey.

You will be able to purchase the 5 ounces can for 29 cents. In case, you are buying the product for the first time; then you can try the 2.75oz pack as a trial order and see whether your cat likes it or not. The brand also offers wet and dry food for the felines.

Wet and Dry variants

If the ingredient list says meat, then you need to make sure about the contents that you will be getting meat only. Some of the dry Whole Earth Farms Cat Foods are:

  • Grain – free recipe Healthy kitten
  • Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken
  • Grain – free Recipe with Real Salmon

Some of the Wet foods are:

  • Grain Free Turkey Recipe Morsels in Gravy
  • Grain – Free Real Tuna & Whitefish Recipe Pate
  • Grain – Free Chicken & Turkey Recipe Morsels in Gravy
  • Grain – free Healthy Kitten Recipe Pate

Apart from these above – mentioned items, you can find several other canned food available for the cats. You can opt for any product you want as each one of them is high in nutrition. They are made of high -quality animal proteins and also vegetables like potatoes and peas along with some fresh fruits.


While concluding the Whole Earth Farms Cat Food Reviews, I can only say that if you are looking for a canned food that is easy on your pocket and healthy for your feline friend, then don’t look any further as this brand fits the bill perfectly.

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