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Wild Calling Cat Food Reviews

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My cat is a fussy eater. He won’t eat just about anything that I offer. The food that he eats must taste good, but I am worried whether his tasty food includes all the necessary nutrients he needs for his health. While browsing through different cat foods, I stumbled upon Wild Calling Cat Food reviews online. I came to know that the makers of this particular cat food were actually the owners of cats themselves. The reviews were convincing, and I was sure that they would understand our concerns very well and right I was. The canned food comes with 96% meat.
My feline friends love meat, so I didn’t think twice before investing on Wild Calling cat foods. Apart from meat, it has the necessary nutrients like vitamins, zinc, iron, and copper. With the right mix of all the essential ingredients, this canned food is able to hit the right chord with the consumers. Yes, they do earn a profit, but it is never at the cost of our pet. They are providing us the foods that will nourish the body of our cat from inside out.

wild calling cat food and reviews

Specialties of Wild Calling cat food

When I am buying any food for my dog or the cats, I always look at the ingredients and the nutritional value before watching the price tag. Here I am getting omega -3, omega -6 fatty acids, grain-free and meat rich recipes that my dog and the cats love to binge in. Wild Calling gives me the option of dry food and wet food. Moreover, the whole processing of food is done in the USA only. There is not a single Chinese ingredient on the list.
I have researched a lot about the product and found out that this one product has a perfect blend of science and nature. It contains vegetables and fruits, probiotics and prebiotics along with meat in a perfect ratio.

No recalls: The product has no recalls till date. I was amazed by this piece of information. It shows how much effort Wild Calling put in preparing the cat foods. I have seen many high-end brands to make false promises and then having recalled because a of product complaint. But, Wild Calling cat food reviews only have nice things to say about the product.
Recognition: In 2014, Wild Calling was named the Pet Product News Editor’s Choice in the dog food category.
Food products: The dry cat food comes with a high animal protein of rabbit, turkey, and salmon along with lentil and sweet potato that provides the cats with required carbohydrates. The canned foods have 9 different options like:

  1. Jumping Salmon
  2.  Alley-Gator
  3.  Magic Meadow
  4. Triple Delight
  5. Cabin Fever
  6.  Trot’n Tommy
  7. Rabbit Burrow
  8.  Cowabunga
  9. Inland Waters


In my opinion, the Wild Calling Cat Food is rich with nature's goodness that helps my cat’s urinary health and kidney. It also takes care of the weight and diabetes problem of my cat. Now, I don’t have to worry about my cat’s digestion problem because Wild Calling cat food is taking care of that. How? Here is a list of pros that is helping me take care of my cats:

  • completely grain-free
  • Very low in carb
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Only USA ingredients
  • No Chinese ingredients
  • No carrageenan
  • Gluten free
  • No artificial additives
  • It is a family owned business where health is more important than profit.

There is hardly anything negative about the product, except for the fact that Evanger's Illinois plant is using for canning. In 2010, there were some reports that the Evangers are carrying out dishonest practices. But, I think it has nothing to do that with the canning of small brands like this. Moreover, the Wild Calling Cat food has way more useful features, so we can easily overlook this negligible issue.

Final Verdict:

I have read few honest Wild Calling cat food reviews and then decided to shift to Wild Calling. I am glad I did. Now my dog and cats are eating natural flavor that is protein rich and balanced in nutrition. I will highly recommend this brand to all the pet lovers who are looking for quality food for their adorable pets.

Alternative brands best suitable for cats: 

In the event if you are not able to find Wild Calling Cat Food, you can trying any of the following cat foods, which are equally good in quality and ingredients.
1. Hound & Gatos Pet Food Chicken Formula Canned Cat Food
2. Instinct Grain Free Duck Formula Natural Wet Canned Cat Fo​od by Nature's Variety
3. Nulo Grain Free Canned Cat Food (Salmon & Turkey)
4. Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Wet Cat Food
5. Sheba Perfect Portions Multipack Chicken Entree & Turkey Entree Wet Cat Food

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