What Is 2 Kids 1 Sandbox ? Many Interesting Facts Behind!

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“2 Kids 1 Sandbox” was a very hot phenomenon on the Internet for a long time and brought hundreds of reaction videos. And now, 5 years later, it gets hot again. For those who don’t know about it or want to find out interesting facts behind it, this article can help!

But before get started, we’d would like to ensure that we created this post just to help our readers who have an interest in “2 Kids 1 Sandbox” get the insight into what it is and why it can keep people flocking to. Nothing to criticize!

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What Is “2 Kids one Sandbox”?

“2 Kids 1 Sandbox” is a video released in 2013 and became extremely hot at that time. I don’t know whether you watched it or not, I just want to say that: it is a pornographic video, and thus, it is illegal to children under 18 years old. So, if you want to check it out, don’t do this in public and definitely don’t let your kids know.

I won’t give you the link of the video because as I said, it’s illegal. You have to find it yourself, very sorry for that! Also, be careful of many malicious websites showed up in the search results because they could contain spyware, malware, and even viruses. One more thing, the video is painful to watch, especially to men. So, don’t watch it if you have a “weak heart”.

What Is “ Two Kids 1 Sandbox ” About?

Here is the description of what happened in the video:

A woman was laying on top of a man in a 69 position and proceeding to shove a half-an-inch, conical object (a plastic dildo, I guess) down his urethra (the penis’s pee-pee hole). You might not believe and be wondering: “wtf, how can she do this?”, but that’s the truth.

The woman seemed to enjoy what she was doing, while the man’s urethra was stretched way beyond its normal size. For most of us, this action brings to our mind a severe pain in an incredibly sensitive touch part of the man’s body. But the surprising point here is that the man didn’t mind, in fact, he seemed to enjoy his urethra rubbed with the dildo in the pleasure of pain.

For people who heard about the clip but didn’t want to watch it, they can find plenty of reaction videos on YouTube. Here is an example:

Why Is It Called “Two Kids 1 Sandbox”?

That is the question that most of us wonder. Why it called “2 Kids 1 Sandbox”? To be honest, I don’t know. Sandbox is a small enclosure filled with sand for children to play in, building sand castles for example.

From the video, you can see that there are no kids and definitely no sandbox at all. I think that “2 kids” here refers to the man and the woman, and “1 sandbox” is simply the bed that they’re laying on and playing their own weird “sexual game”.

Why Can “Two Kids one Sandbox” Keep People Flocking to It?

From my point of view, there are three things that contributes to the viral spreading of the video:

It’s a Shock Video

“2 kids 1 sandbox” might remind us of a type of “shock video” which has content that is meant to shock the viewers. There are endless number of well-known shock videos on the Internet. They are shared to prank to other people, and sometimes, they become a notoriety trend among the network world. “2 Kids 1 Sandbox” is not an exception as its content is quite/really shocking to many people.

It’s Very Unique

Another crucial factor that contributes to the viral spreading of the video is its very unique content. Many of us have at least once watched porn videos, but how many encountered the one that contains the image of a urethra rubbed with a conical object even if you’re a hardcore viewer?

It’s Very Unusual

Why do I say that? Just imagine you’re the man in the video. How could you feel when your partner shoves a half-an-inch plastic dildo down your urethra? Extremely painful, right! But look at the man, did he get the same feeling as yours? No! He seems to enjoy this, or to be more accurate, he draws the pleasure from being rubbed.

How Does it Relate to Medicine?

If you would like to google some info about this, you can type the keyword “urethral sounding” which is a commonly used name for stretching the male urethra.

The term “sounding” comes from the French word “sond” meaning “line” in English. In nautical term, it originally refers to droping a line overboard with a plummet suspended from the end of the line to determine the depth of the water.

In surgical term, it’s used to describe the use of a long, slender instrument for exploring body cavities or canals. Surgical sounders are a kind of this instrument, which are made of glass and come in various sizes to stretch the urethra so that the doctor can increase the inner diameter of the patient’s urethra and locate obstructions in it.

What If You Want to Do the Same Thing as in the Video?

You might surprise, but this practice (a man having a sex toy forced into his urethra) is considered as a kind of foreplay for those who swear by it. It’s actually not rare, and this guys is the one who discovers the ritual art of stretching the male urethra. For those who are familiar with this practice, they can find the maximum pleasure. And the man on the video is a true pleasure seeker.

In a sexual context, urethral sounding is also called “urethral play”. And this is exactly what happened in “2 Kids 1 Sandbox”! The idea here is to insert objects to stretch the urethra and stimulate all of its intense nerve endings on the inside of the penis.

There are sounding kits that are currently available on Amazon. They consist of different sized-tapered tubes for insertion and gradual stretching of the urethra.

Apparently, they can be very pleasurable. You’re probably on the same page as me when I say that I don’t see this being fun for anyone. But anyway, I’M NOT ABOUT TO JUDGE!

Does “2 Kids 1 Sandbox” Remind You of Anything?

If you have the same idea as me, you probably guess I mean the legend “2 Girls 1 Cup” which is also a famous shock video in which two lesbians eat each other's faeces and vomit. You do not want to see it and I won’t give you the video link!

“2 Girls 1 Cup was released in 2007. In spite of being extremely disturbing, it racked up millions of views in the days after being released. For ten years, it has been one of the best known shock videos in history that hit the Internet for the very first time.


it's was a strange phenomenon on the Internet world for a long time. While it’s pornographic and not obviously funny in the regular sense of the word, it’s able to keep people flocking to it by its uniqueness and some medical-related facts behind.

What do you think about this video? Is it novel or totally absurd? Let’s us know your opinions by leaving your comment below. Thank you! 

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