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Everyone loves pets, cute little kittens, puppies, golden fishes or hamsters are so fun to play with! That’s might be the main reason why pet games are so popular among gamers all over the world. Online games with artificial pets focus on the raising, care, breeding and entertaining of simulated animals. Sometimes, the main task is just to keep a helpless creature alive by giving it food and attention, sometimes, players have to take care of an injured or sick animal. You can also become an animal yourself and try to survive in the wilderness in one of the simulator games.

A pet, also called a companion animal, is primarily kept for person’s company, protection and entertainment. Some working animals, livestock and laboratory animals can also be considered as pets. People choose pets mainly for their attractive and cute appearance. The most popular pets are dogs and cats. Other animals commonly kept include: pigs, ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, rats, and guinea pigs; avian pets, such as parrots, passerines, and fowl, also turtles, lizards and snakes; aquatic pets, such as fish, freshwater and saltwater snails, and frogs and many more.

You can also see different domestic animals in a lot of movies like “Babe”, “101 Dalmatians”, “Beethoven”, “Garfield” and many more. There are also a lot of books and comics featuring cute animals. Some celebrities’ pets even have their own Instagram account. And of course, you can find tons of online pet games for those, who don’t have one at home.

The most popular and the oldest digital pet game is probably Tamagotchi. Created in Japan in the late 90s, this toy quickly became a worldwide obsession. Most Tamagotchi are egg-shaped pocket computers with three buttons, which players use to select and perform activities such as feeding your Tamagotchi, playing games, cleaning up after the character, discipling, and checking your pet’s age, weight, happiness, hunger, and other stats. So the main goal is not to let your precious pet die. Just remember to check on it every now and then, if you ignore it completely, it will eventually die.

Modern Dog and Cat Simulator online games are very similar to the Tamagotchi but this time you can really experience how it’s like to have a pet. Due to realistic graphics and sounds you can totally plunge into the virtual world of pets and control any animal of your choice. It will eat, sleep, poop, and might even grow. Besides of keeping your realistic virtual pet alive, in the simulator games, you will also have to explore the environment, complete various tasks and escape the predators.

Plus, these pets don’t cost a thing. You can try out all sorts of animals too! You can play with kitties and puppies, of course, but you’ll also find more exotic critters and even crazy aliens, like the triangular brown Pou.

Such games as Dog Breeder Contest show another side of having a pet, namely taking it to the glamorous competitions. But before going on stage, don’t forget to visit a spa salon and fashion boutique for animals. Who is going to win? Poodle, Dalmatian, maybe Yorkshire Terrier?

As you can see there are a lot of different pet games for every taste! From puzzles and action games to simulators, these cool games are fun to play for children and adults. It is also a perfect solution for those, who are not allowed to have a pet. In the virtual world, every animal can be domestic, dog, cat, bird, hamster, unicorn, dragon, fox, wolf, cow, sheep, crocodile…just choose any pet you like and start taking care of it. You need to feed them, bathe them, give them water, make sure they’re happy, and that they’re getting enough sleep. You need to cure them when they’re sick, clean up after them, and more. But in return, you get a lovely and loyal friend.

Practice all of these responsibilities and earn the rewards in this category of games. Groom your pets and dress them up, create special spaces for them, compete in pet shows or run a pet shop. You can also play pet-themed versions of some of your favorite puzzle and arcade games, like Animal Quiz, Candy Pets and Circle The Cat. Have fun!

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