Kitty AND THE Ailurophobic

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It was on a cold, peaceful night when my brother, my cousin and I were watching a late night comedy, that a blood-curdling yell from my sister-in-law…

It was on a cold, peaceful night when my brother, my cousin and I were watching a late night comedy, that a blood-curdling yell from my sister-in-law made the three of us jump out of our skin.

We rushed to her room, to find Natsie standing at the door, looking rather upset. “What happened?” my brother asked her anxiously. But she only blinked at him blankly and I was convinced that there was a snake in the room. “Why did you scream?” my brother asked again, visibly trying not to loose his patience.

“There’s a cat near the window.” she replied worriedly, though a little bit embarrassed by the recent sequence of events.

“A Cat?!” we chorused, and almost in response we heard the pitiful mewing of a kitten outside their bedroom window.

My cousin looked at her bemused. “You screamed the roof down because of a cat?” he asked her, while Natsie just glared at him.

My brother and I laughed as my cousin walked away shaking his head in disbelief. What he didn’t know was that my sister-in-law had a fear of cats since childhood. The mere mention of cats was enough to make her cringe.

Again the kitten mewed and Natsie got jittery.

“Stop it,” my brother scolded. “It’s just a kitten; and it’s outside the window.”

“But the window is open” she cried.

“It’s not going to come in,” I tried to reason with her. “It’s just a helpless kitten that’s probably lost.”

Again the kitten mewed; a continuous, pitiful mewing, that none of us could seem to ignore.

Now, neither my brother nor I like cats. But, somehow those pitiful mews were just too hard to ignore. Even my ailurophobic sister-in-law looked sad!

“It’s probably lost and hungry.” said Natsie sorrowfully; momentarily forgetting that we were talking about a cat!

I turned on the lights and peeked out the window. There it was – a tiny white ball of fur, huddled towards the wall and shivering from the cold. It looked up at me with frightened eyes and a pitiful mew that could melt even the coldest heart!

“The poor thing is shivering from the cold.” I announced, feeling very sorry for the kitten.

“Let us give it some milk.” suggested Natsie, her eyes sparkling at the idea.

“Wow,” I teased. “And she claims to be scared of cats!”

“Poor thing. It’s just a kitten!” she grinned, while my brother and I smiled knowingly, at the sudden change of heart.

So, Natsie warmed up some milk while my brother and I opened the back door to see if we could coax the kitten to come into the garage. But, apparently she didn’t need much coaxing! There she was, already at the doorstep when we opened the door. She just looked up at us innocently and said “Meeeoooww!”

kitty and aliurophobic























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Natsie shrieked when she heard the mewing and saw the kitten at the doorstep. “Shut the door quick. She’ll come in.” she cried.

“Stop being silly,” my brother scolded her as he shut the door. “Make up your mind. On one hand you are frightened of it and at the same time you want to feed it milk! What is wrong with you?” he asked her crossly.

But she ignored him and handed me the bowl of warm milk. “You can place in the garage for her.”

So, I opened the door cautiously and placed the bowl in front of Kitty and waited for her to lap it up; but she didn’t seem interested.

“Why isn’t she drinking?” asked Natsie anxiously, peering over my shoulder.

“Just leave it there and she’ll drink it when she feels like.” said my brother finally, closing the door shut. “It’s about time we all go to sleep.” It was past midnight, on a weekday and he was obviously tired.

“Maybe it’s cold?” persisted Natsie and my brother frowned. This couldn’t be happening! “Let’s put out a rug for it.” she suggested.

I groaned. My brother would definitely loose his head on that one! But, imagine my surprise when he not only dug out a rug, but also placed it into a small cardboard box and there it was – a nice warm bed for Kitty.

So, the ‘bed’ was placed outside and we watched silently, as kitty inspected it excitedly, then lapped up the milk and hopped into her new bed, curled up and went to sleep.

Finally, we all went to bed wondering what my mother – who hates cats – would have to say about our new pet, when she got back from her holiday! But, on that cold and rainy night when she melted three hearts; an ailurophobic fell in love and Kitty found a new home!


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