African Cichlids
Planning to get African Cichlids for your aquarium??? These tips might help… African Cichlids are subtropical and tropical fresh water fishes belonging to the family Cichlidae. These are quite admired as aquarium fish and consist of a number of the most vibrant fish one can get. These fish inhabit three lakes in Africa namely, Lake… (0 comment)

How to Set Up a Tropical Fish Tank
A step by step simple to follow guide demonstrating the easiest way to set up an tropical freshwater fishtank. A freshwater fish tank houses tropical fish, this is not to be confused with a salt water fish tank which is much more difficult to set up. Setting up the tank can be done quite easily… (0 comment)

BEST 10 Blue Led Aquarium Lighting – finnex planted+ 24/7 par Review
Quick Navigation OVERVIEWQuality of Light (PUR, RQE, PAS) Kelvin Rating Why is the Kelvin rating useful?Nanometer Range (Spectrum)LUX PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) Measuring PARPhotoinhibition Lumens WattsCRIThe 5 Best led Aquarium lighting Systems1.Finnex Planted 24/7 LED Aquarium Controller2.Current USA Orbit Marine LED Light3.Finnex Stingray Aquarium LED Light4.Finnex FugeRay LED Aquarium Light5.Marineland Double BrightAdditional tips and tricks… (1 comment)