Top Suggestions on Obtaining the Best Beagle Names to Match Your Dog’s Outstanding Hunting Skills

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Thousands of names available online and diverse tips may turn out no use in choosing beagle names. In contrast, this only makes you more confused. Here, we pick out the best tips for you to take the burden off your mind. 

To get through this common confusion, follow these simple tips below which are specially designed for choosing beagle names.

Tips on Naming a Beagle

Go with Simple Names

The first tip coming to mind when naming a beagle is to keep the name short and simple. Although long and complicated names may sound cool at first, in the long run, you will gradually find it tiring to speak out loud “Leonardo William the Fourth” each time you want your dog back.

A proper name should be no longer than three syllables so that your dog would find no difficulty in memorizing its new name. At the same time, short beagle names will turn out much easier for children to remember and call their furry friend’s name. To attract his attention, his name should not be monosyllabic or so short, either.

The process of naming a dog should be by no means taken for granted. For the beagle breed, training them to recognize their name will prove of much help in drawing their attention later on. By this way can you increase chances of them responding to your call. However, what matters most to pet owner is the way how to pick out the most suitable name for their lovely beagle among various options available.

Be careful with names whose sounds are similar to basic orders, such as “Spot”, which is easily confused with “Stop. Beagles are no good at differentiating among similar sounds, so such choices may adversely affect the training process, making your dog become rather slow on the uptake.

Avoid Too Common Words

When it comes to finding a name, try to avoid using words normally used in the daily life for fear that they may confuse your dog. Take the word “Fork” as an example. You can think it a cool name; however, every time someone asks for a fork, your dog will run to them without delay.

Also avoid using popular names that are favored by many pet owners. When in public places, another dog may run to you upon your call while your dog would run to other people.

Find Out Their Specialties

Another way of naming a beagle is based on his character. As a scent hound, the beagle has been a terrific hunter around and a close friend of human in every hunt. Therefore, they are extremely intelligent, laid-back and even-tempered. These precious personalities can be a great source of inspiration for pet owners in deciding on a name. In this sense, “Gasby”, “Gracie”, “Marco”, “Moses”, “Plato” are several proper names that come to mind.

Alternatively, some people are likely to look at beagles’ striking appearance features to think up a name. For example, a beagle that has a spot on his muzzle may enjoy being called “Spot”. And this name can evoke the initial imagination of the dog’s appearance upon being heard for the first time. 

Refer to Famous Beagle Names

Some people choose to name their beagles after famous dogs of the same breed that used to appear on screen. By this way can pet owners be saved much time and effort of devising a name themselves while creating a special feeling for their companion. Though beagles are such an adorable breed to bring up, there aren’t sadly a variety of movies starring them to choose from. Among them are “Lou” in “Cats and Dogs” film, “Snoopy” in “Peanuts” cartoon, “Shiloh” in the movie of the same name or “Porthos” in “Star Trek”.

Suggested Beagle Names

Male Beagle Names

Your boy deserves something masculine in his name or you can consider a traditional male human name for him. Some examples include “Alex”, “Bailey”, “Buddy”, “Charlie”, “Jack”, “Sammy”, “Sidney”, “Spencer”, “Turbo”, “Buster”, “Wallace”, “and Cody”. Or you can check out this post for more boy dog names.

Female Beagle Names

If you have a female beagle, don’t hesitate to choose a feminine name to highlight her elegant beauty, such as “Abby”, “Alice”, “Alyssa”, “Coco”, “Holly”, “Lucy”, “Minnie”, “Niki”, “Sophie”, “Zena”, “Rosie”, “Iggy”, etc.

Cute Beagle Names

The beagle is famous as an adorable breed which provokes the sense of cuteness, so a cute name should suit your puppy. You can pick out one from “Baxter”, “Bogie”, “Bongo”, “Pupper”, “Scout”, “Gidget”, “Kola”, “Ziggy”, “Waffles”, “Freckles”, “Skittles”, and so on.

Hunting Dog Names

Listed among skillful hunting dogs, a name that is indicative of that heritage should be taken into account, including “Blaser”, “Browning”, “Gunner”, “Hare”, “Chase”, “Hunter”, “Remington”, “Ruger”, “Scent”, “Sniff”, “Winchester”, “Buck”, etc. Such names will certainly make you proud of speaking out loud at a dog park.

Cool Beagle Names

With a mild temper, fantastic hunting instinct and high intelligence, beagles are inevitably as cool as a cucumber. So, a cool name may absolutely suit their cool personality. These are awesome names for them: “Apollo”, “Brutus”, “Casey”, “Colt”, “Fergie”, “Harper”, “Jackson’, “Marley”, “Rambo”, “Reese”, “Scooter”, “Trinity”, “Vixen”, “Zeus”, “Snatcher”, etc.

Funny Beagle Names

Do you have a sense of humor? If so, go with something funny that can make you smile each time of calling. In this sense, such names “Bacon”, “Banjo”, “Blinker”, “Cheerio”, “Chucky”, “Elmo”, “Giggles”, “Dynamite”, “Nugget”, “Fuzzball”, “Keiko” are suitable choices. These names can also reveal the playful aspect of your furry friend’s character.

Unique Beagle Names

Each breed is distinct from others and each dog of the same breed has their unique attributes that stand them out from the rest. Another case is that your dog is a crossbreed, for example, Boxer Beagle Mix. Therefore, it makes sense that you like to give a special name to them. “Atticus”, “Babs”, “Dacia”, “Elektra”, “Gandolf”, “Jazzy”, “Panda”, “Olive” are such names that are rarely seen in beagles.


Choosing beagle names is not as difficult as you may think at first. The best name should both draw your dog’s attention instantly and brighten up your heart every time you call. Take above tricks and consult suggested names, then make your final decision. You can try different beagle names to test your puppy’s reaction to each.

After all, whatever name you choose, stick to it and don’t forget to give out treats during the training process. Like other breeds, beagles love praise and reward-based training proves of much help in familiarizing them with their new names.

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