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Awesome Ideas For German Shepherd Names-How To Choose The Best One

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The German Shepherd is considerably favored among owners for its strength, attentiveness and trustworthy ability to protect the family. Therefore, this dog breed is often raised to be a guard dog of human beings in addition to being a great companion. To match with its huge role in households, it is necessary that you decide on a proper but ear-catching name for your dear German Shepherd puppy as soon as possible.

Choosing German Shepherd names seems tough at first, but it may turn out not that much by following several helpful tips below.

How to Choose a Name?

You Should:

  • check
    Do go for a name to your liking because you may use it all the time. The sound of it should be enjoyable instead of causing discomfort to pet owners. 
  • check
    Refrain from choosing long or multiple-syllable words because shorter names are much easier for dogs to remember. A one-syllable name should be the most recommended choice. 

You Shouldn’t:

  • Choose a name whose sound is the same as a command in any case. Dogs are good at picking up new tricks, but not at differentiating between common words.
  • Name your dog something confusing or offensive to be called in public. This includes racial or cultural insults, slangs, curse words, etc.
  • Use popular names for your loyal companion. This can provoke great confusion among pets with the same name when being called out in the public. “Bella”, “Bailey”, “Max” and “Lucy” are several common names that you should take into account.

Some people may like to name their furry friend after family members or relatives as a sign of honor. However, prior asking for permission is necessary in case they feel offended. This varies greatly among diverse cultures and traditions.

Suggested German Shepherd Names

There are a variety of criteria which are based on to decide the most proper name, namely age, gender, personality, etc. Take a quick look at some of them as follows:

Naming by Gender

For male dogs, with greatly acknowledged strength and intelligence, they deserve such names like “Julius”, “Achilles”, “Thor”.

For female dogs, they are praised for their feminine looks but strong personalities, so a name that can remind callers of strong women are highly recommended. It is ‘’Ada”, “Erma”, “Minne”, and so on. Even the character of independently powerful women depicted in artworks provides a great source of inspiration, for example “Katniss” (from The Hunger Games), “Hermione” (from Harry Potter).

Naming by Fur Color

The majority of German Shepherd dogs are either white or black in their coat color. 

When it comes to the white-haired breed, names such as “Clover”, “Lacey”, “Prism” often pops up in our mind.

On the other hand, dogs with black fur are often recalled with the name of “Ember”, “Knight”, “Midnight”, “Panther”, and so on.

Naming by Age

In some cases, people raise their German Shepherd since his early days as a puppy while others adopt adult dogs. These dogs possibly have their own names, so you can keep old ones or devise another name of your own making given to your companion. In the latter case, it may ask for time and patience before he becomes totally familiar with the change in name.

For puppies, you can go for cute names that will still maintain their cuteness even after growing up (you might want to know when German Shepherds stops growing), such as “Gremlin”, “Mudbug”, “Bugsy”, “Chewy”, etc.

For adult dogs, names such as “Maverick”, “Dash”, and “Arrow” are considered suitable with their great build and confident style.

Naming by Personality

Every dog has distinctive characters and personalities that set them apart from others. As a result, it makes sense that you may like to give them a name as an identifying feature at the very first impression.

As working dogs, the German Shepherd breed is known to withstand tough conditions for long hours. Their names should highlight their wonderful work ethic, like “Ethan”, “Angus”, “Barrett”, or “Denzell”. These words all denote strength in different languages.

At the same time, German Shepherd dogs are formidable enough to be good friends of human, so such names “Bear”, “Gulliver”, “Goliath” or “Maximus” are appropriate to depict a gentle giant.

Naming After Celebrity Warriors

Due to their strong personality, the name of an ancient hero or warrior may fit them well. Take Hannibal Barca as an example. He was a Carthaginian fighter against the Romans. He became famous as driving elephants across the Alps in one battle. This German Shepherd breed’s ability somehow resembles his fighting capacity. Hence, “Hannibal” may be a good choice. 

Naming After Memories

A good way to mark unforgettable events is to name your furry friend after them. When calling out a dog name, it may remind you of a certain place or significant incident. For example, the names “Petal”, “Blossom” may be used to name dogs adopted in the spring.

How to Get Your Dog Familiar with the New Name?

It goes without saying that teaching a dog its names one of the easiest things a pet owner can do well. The truth is that most dogs are not cost much time to pick up names without formal training. However, spending time teaching their names in the first place will help you to strengthen bonding ties with them.

  • Firstly, try to speak out the newly chosen dog’s name in the clearest tone. If he promptly responds to your voice, don’t hesitate to give out a treat.
  • econdly, repeat the action again with different rewards, alternating among food, walks, praise or attention.
  • Thirdly, try to change the surroundings with various distractions and from difference distances. Let’s wait for your dog’s response. Be patient until the dog develops a natural reflex to your command, then you are halfway successful in training him.
  • Finally, it’s time to get your furry friend accustomed to the calling of other family members. Take turns to repeat three steps above and you will gain desirable results.  


There are diverse choices of German Shepherd names, so it’s up to you to choose which one. Because the name is closely attached with the thought of dogs and might go with them all their life (you might want to know the average lifespan of German Shepherd), it should be pleasing to the ear and easy to remember for both the dog and humans.

Hopefully, you now can pick up the cutest German Shepherd names for your lovely, loyal four-legged friend. Leave your comment below if you have other cool names for German Shepherd that you want to share with us. Thank you!

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