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Best Ideas For Husky Names That Fit Your Dog’s Blue Eyes Perfectly

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Meta: Want to give a special name to your new family member? Still have no idea on what Husky names are beautiful and cool at the same time? Whatever name you finally choose, remember one basic rule is to always keep it short and simple. This post will help you pick up a great name for your Husky.

Huskies are well-known among the most energetic and athletic breeds with striking blue eyes and a thick coat. Thus, it makes much sense that you should choose Husky names that fit with the dogs’ sparkling appearance and strength. Naming can be fun; however, not all pet owners find it easy to give their furry friend a name.

Just follow some tips below and you will get your exact answer.

How to Choose a Husky Name

Go with Simple Options

When naming your dog, a name that is recognizable to his ears is highly suggested. When it comes to the nature of his ears as microphones, names beginning with consonant sounds including “K” and “C” are best choices. These names are supposed to help him distinguish his name from surrounding noise. This is also true with blended sounds such as “ch” or “sh”. In contrast, avoid sibilant sounds like “s” given its increasing difficulty for dogs to detect. Also, Huskies would find no difficulty in responding to your calling with one or two-syllable names.

Besides, names ending with a vowel sound also serve the same purpose of helping dogs remember their names more easily. In this case, names such as “Lobo”, “Simba”, and “Sweetie” can be taken into account.

Refer to Popular Names

Take a look at the list of common dog names used recently to choose your favorite name. By this way can you be saved some time of devising a name yourself. “Daisy”, “Bruno”, “Stella”, “Blazer” and “Eska” are some on the list.

Nevertheless, be careful with those names because your companion may be confused when other pet owners call out his name in public. He can run to other people or another dog with the same name may run to you upon your call.

Look Back on History for Reference

It goes without saying that reusing the name of a famous Husky for your own dog can be lots of fun in the sense that it gives out a feeling of nostalgia and heritage. In retrospect, “Togo” and “Balto” are two Husky mixes that brought medication to children, victims of the diphtheria outbreak, in Nome, Alaska. In addition, both names end in vowel sounds, so they can be possible solutions to the problem of finding a name for a dog.

Moreover, Huskies that became famous through movies include “Ted”, “Yodel”, “Exile”, etc. You can take these names into account.

Base on Appearance and Personality

Some people take coat colors as the inspiration for naming their dog. While gray dogs are fit with “Foggy”, “Ember”, names like “Ebony”, “Velvet” are expected to satisfy most owners of black ones.

Famous for the great ability to endure harsh climate conditions, Huskies deserve names that are indicative of toughness and strength. “Bandit”, “Magnum”, “Athena”, “Saber”, and “Scout” are few among available choices.

Base on Origin

The Husky breed is known to be indigenous to the Siberian region of Russia before later being brought to Alaska as sled dogs. Given cold northern climates, your Husky may be happy to be called “Polar”, “Glacier”, “Aurora”, etc.

The Alaska natives’ language can also be a source of inspiration for you. Consider these names: “Sesi”, “Suka”, “Miska”, and so on. Or else, how about a Russian name? “Viktor”, “Rodion”, “Zhanna” are relatively suitable in this case.

Devise a Name of Yourself

Your Husky is apparently a member of your family, so it stands to reason that you want to give a special name for him. Just with some small alterations to common names, you can make up a name of your own.

For example, when it comes to coat colors, instead of “Gray” or “Blackie”, try looking up the vocabulary for colors in another language. Also using certain colors that describe weather conditions like “Dusk” to name a black Husky is not a bad idea.

Refrain from Using Names Similar to Commands

Dogs are naturally bad at differentiating between sounds that are relatively similar, for example, the name “Rover” may be mistaken as the command “roll over”. This is likely to provoke more confusion during the training process, making your dog become slower on the uptake. Because of this, you’d better try to avoid names that can recall common dog commands.

Avoid Using Human Names

It is widely convinced that giving your dog a human name can make you end up anthropomorphizing him. “Molly” and “Charlie” are such names. Despite their intelligence, dogs are unable to respond to the same non-verbal and verbal cues. Less human sounding names can prevent your furry friend from considering himself a person.

Recommended Husky Names

Male Huskies: There are a variety of names that go well with your energetic boy namely “Fable”, “Mako”, “Togo”, “Houdini”, “Fritz”, “Max”, “Echo”, “Comet”, “Banshey”, etc.

Female Huskies: Regarding its Russian heritage, some beautiful names for your female friend include “Arika”, “Mischa”, “Sierra”, “Indigo”, “Shiloh”, “Nikita”, “Astra”, “Willow”, etc.

Cute Huskies: Contrary to its strong and bold appearance, some Huskies turn out extremely gently and loving in contact with human and other pets. Therefore, something cute can works well for them, such as “Irie”, “Joy”, “Mabel”, “Frankie”, “Oliver”, “Poppy”, “Leo”, “Mio”, etc.

Brown Huskies: Their fur color nuances fall into the range of light sandy and deep rich brown, which may be revealed through numerous names including “Coco”, “Teddy”, “Hazel”, “Tanner”, and “Rusty”. Not only can pure Huskies have a brown fur, but some of their mongrels such as the German Shepherd Husky Mix or the Husky Malamute Mix can also be brown in coat.

White Huskies: No wonder their white fur perfectly matches with the snowy landscape of Alaska or Siberia. “Chalkie”, “Snowball”, “Pearl”, “Misty”, “Casper”, and “Nova” are several names for consideration.

Red Huskies: Red is another color commonly seen in Huskies’ fur coat in addition to black, brown and white. Here are several names that sound good with that outstanding coat: “Ginger”, “Scarlet”, “Ruby”, “Rosie”, “Merlot”, “Pepper”, etc.


Naming your furry friend is not a difficult task if you follow some feasible ways listed above. No matter what name you choose, just remember to keep it as short and simple as possible. Also, bear in mind that your dog will eventually grow up and a cute name since the puppy’s time may not be fit anymore. Practicing using the new name on the frequent basis is also of great importance to enhance his familiarity with it. We hope you will find out a satisfactory name for your friend.

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