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Can A Dog Get A Cat Pregnant ? what will happen

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The enigma about a dog getting a cat pregnant is like saying whether it is possible to fit the tire of a bus to a bicycle.  The answer is very clear and loud. NO. Reason? The chromosomes do not match. That is the scientific truth. People who have seen the movie “Ted” will wonder that if a woman can marry a teddy and through artificial insemination can have a baby, why a dog cannot do the same. Is it due to lack of expert vets in this category? It is a debatable point.


The enigma about a dog getting a cat pregnant

Some basic factors:

We need to consider some basic factors. The first one is about the chromosomes. There is an incomplete pairing of chromosomes between and a cat and a dog.  To conceive, both the chromosomes should be equal. Cats have 19 pairs of chromosomes, and a dog has 39, so chances of cross reproduction, even if there is mating, is not possible. Even if there was some symmetry between the two, even then, some problem could arise due to non-viability and the embryo will naturally get terminated before it is born.

Non-compatibility issues:

Another factor, which may determine the non-compatibility is the reproductive timeline that is, the gestation time of these two canines may vary. The point is, that if one gestates for, say 23 months and the other for 28, then there is a major point to consider. The gestation difference is one of the barriers, which one may have to cross when we talk about impregnating a giraffe with a fertilized mammoth egg. Even if the hybrid embryo is viable and it is born, it may still be sterile because it’s missing key genes from one of the parents – an evolutionary “nothing.”  The offspring of this hybrid is not in a position to reproduce itself, as it is an evolutionary dead end and therefore as good as naught.

The cat and dog are very different in external and internal reproductive features:

The two canines, the cat, and the dog are two poles apart, from both external and internal reproductive systems. Their behavior does not match, as in the wild they live in a different environment. They ritually do not have the same sexual rules. Their genetics are incompatible so a plus in pregnancy is not possible and the hybridization is completely not possible.

There are many glitches for a mating signal:

Some outside glitches are there for a dog and a cat to impregnate. Barriers to reproduce include factors like, geographical separation, different mating times, different rituals, for example; some birds have different mating calls to attract their opposite mate. Then there are different reproductive organs, different reproductive environment, like say, the sperm cannot survive the journey in the vagina, or the sperm cannot penetrate the egg. Members of different species, as a rule, cannot procreate. A canine cannot get a feline pregnant, as a rule of nature.

The DNA must pair with each other:

When a life created artificially, then technically it is one set of DNA mingling with another, same kind of DNA. Similarly, a feline DNA is compatible with only a feline DNA, and a line DNA is compatible with celine DNA. No arguments on this. Pregnancy happens this way, naturally or artificially.

Bizarre situations:

Imagine what would have happened if hybrids could impregnate. We would have had freaky genders on our hand, with weird birth patterns, different types of diseases, unheard of combinations, everything would have been topsy turvy. Scientists would have gone mad exploring a different kind of DNAs and cures for unheard of diseases.

Can we temper the rule of nature?

All the fun and love is gone in that trivial thought while having sex
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Going against the rules of nature is like tampering with nature’s balance of creation and inviting trouble. It is believed, at least by some that the AIDS virus was an accidental incident, possibly by some freaky male trying to jerk off with a chimpanzee in the remote jungles of Africa! Now how far that is true nobody knows but look, at the deadly disease we have on our hands now. Even healthy sex with some other partner conjures up visions of infecting with AIDs. All the fun and love is gone in that trivial thought, while having sex.

The natural selection and evolution:

Everything has a natural selection and natural evolution and nature had put some sort barriers having a gala time with our pets and animals. Otherwise, we would be witnessing inappropriate, weird sexual advances between different species creating chaotic situations.


Contrary to all these arguments, there are some hybrid species, like the Cama, which is a combination of a camel bred with a llama. Then there is The Hinny, again a mixture of a male horse bred with a female donkey. In addition, you can find Tiglon, Liger, Mule, Yakow, Zonkey, Zony, Zorse, Savannah cat, Coywolf, etc., all are hybrid versions, but from the same species and not from an entirely different species.

However, in technical and clinical terms, a dog cannot bang a cat and vice versa, they are good as enemies, and that is how it is in nature and remains to be in nature. Let’s not create havoc in nature and have wild fantasies.




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  • I searched for this subject because I just saw a video on YouTube of a male dog mating with a cat, not a fantastic. It happened in the Dominican Republic. You can search and see it yourself.

  • Was concerned I have a female cat in heat waiting to get the money up to get her fixed . She refuses to leave my 11 month old German Shepard alone. And he is acting intrigued.


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