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Can Dogs Have Pineapple?

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It goes without saying that fruits play an important role in humans and animals’ health, including dogs. Many people think that dogs can eat all kinds of fruits that humans can. But is it true? In fact, there’re lots of fruits that are good for human but seem to be bad for dogs like grapes and avocados (you can check this list of harmful foods for dogs and cats to know more).

How about pineapple? Can dogs have pineapple? We’ll give you the satisfying answer in this article.

Can Dogs Have Pineapple?

Pineapples are tropical fruits which are grown mainly in Latin America and West Africa. With the spiky rind, yellow and succulent flesh, pineapples are easily being identified among many other fruits by its unique features.

The pineapple is considered very nutritious because of being rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and other minerals like magnesium, manganese and zinc. Due to this high nutritional value, many people choose this fruit as a natural medicine in case of illness or disease in order to supplement essential minerals and vitamins. For that reason, many dog owners think that pineapples will provide these good substances for their dogs as well.

But can dogs have pineapples? Of course, your dogs can eat pineapples, but just in small quantities. As said, pineapples contain lots of nutrients which are good for improving the dogs’ health, especially their immune system and digestive system. As a result, they will be healthier and stronger.

Generally, fresh pineapples and cooked pineapples are the best options for your furry friends. You just need to cut the fruit into small pieces. Doing this will not only help you moderate the number of pieces that your dogs have eaten, but your dogs can also enjoy it in an easier way.

How Much Can Dogs Have Pineapple?

Although giving pineapples to your dogs is allowed by many vets, it doesn’t mean you can give them this fruit as much as you want. That’s because eating too many pineapples for a day can make your dogs get diarrhea and other problems as a result of absorbing too many nutrients. So, remember to feed them in moderation!

The recommended quantity of pineapples for normal and healthy dogs is about 2 to 3 pieces a day. To dogs having pineapples for the first time, 2 pieces are enough. Nevertheless, if your dogs get obesity or diabetes, just give them one for your peace of mind.

Moreover, in case your four-leg friends are allergic to pineapples, they should be definitively isolated from this fruit. But the problem is that you can only know whether there is any allergic sign or not when your dogs ate a piece of pineapple. So, if your pooches unluckily have any odd behaviors or skin rash, you must take them to the vets immediately.

When Do Pineapples Turn Bad?

Not really. In fact, “bad” here doesn’t come from any toxic in the pineapple, but it’s just because too many nutrients aren’t good for them.

For example, there’s a high amount of sugar in pineapples, but this variation of sugar is good, which is also known as fructose. Unlike glucose (the one that we absorb through daily food), fructose is proved to be better for both humans and dogs.

Moreover, unlike humans, the amount of sugar for the dogs’ need is smaller than us. Therefore, giving dogs more than 3 pieces of pineapple isn’t recommended. For one thing, dogs’ body can’t absorb this large amount in the short period as it might accumulate more and more in the dogs’ bloodstream. After a long time, your furry friends will get diabetes and other health problems.

Also, absorbing too much vitamin C isn’t good for dogs. Dogs just need a little amount of vitamin C, and they can create it by themselves and don’t need for extra. Some people think that the more vitamin C, the healthier their dogs will be. This is totally wrong! On the contrary, too much vitamin C will cause upset stomachs, diarrheas, heartburns and even kidney stones in dogs. So, if you want to supply more vitamin C for your four-leg friends, ask the vets for advice.

For those who don’t know, mandarin oranges are also not recommeded for dogs to eat much because of this reason.

How About the Rind?

Pineapple rinds contain a toxic which can kill dogs right after eating. This type of rind is quite thick, so your dogs may have to make an effort to chew it. Even when your dogs can swallow it, the hard rind can be stuck in their stomach and give them a hard time for complete digestion. Besides, your dogs may get nausea or vomiting when swallowing it. So, before giving your dogs any pieces of pineapples, remember to remove all the rinds.

What About Canned Pineapples?

You shouldn’t give canned pineapples to your pooches. We agree that canned pineapples are more convenient than the fresh ones, but you are killing your dogs by the sugary canned fruit. All kinds of canned fruits have lots of syrup whose main component is sugar. As I mentioned above, too much sugar is dangerous for canines.

In addition, some kinds of dried fruits are not recommended for dogs as well, such as dried cranberries.


In summary, dogs can have pineapples but just in small quantities. A normal dog should eat about 2-3 pieces of pineapple a day, no more! However, if your dogs get obesity or diabetes, consider whether they should have this tropical fruit or not. The high amount of sugar just makes their condition worse.

Hopefully, this article is useful for you. If you have any questions, please leave them below. We will answer them as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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