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Can Dogs Have Pork Chop Bones?

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Bones play an important role in all kinds of dog’s diet. Dogs love them, too. That’s why we seem to be very familiar with the picture of a dog eating a large bone (such as ham bones or marrow bones), which has become a stereotype for a long time.

However, there’s a rumor that pet owners shouldn’t give their pets big bones. Instead, they should feed them the chopped ones which are supposed to be easier to eat. It sounds right, but are pork chop bones safer for dogs and can dogs have pork chop bones? Let’s find out!

Can Dogs Have Pork Chop Bones?

In fact, dogs and bones stick together naturally due to their ancestor – the wolf. Though domestic dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, they still keep their old temperament – that is eating bones.

It goes without saying that there’re lots of studies have proved that bones provide lots of essential nutrients for dogs, such as calcium, phosphorus. Besides, when eating bones, the dog can swallow marrow or cartilage, which are considered not belong to bones part but contain more high-quality nutrients.

Should You Give Your Dogs Pork Chop Bones?

The answer is NO! This may sound contradictory to what mentioned above, but it’s true, especially with pork chop bones. In reality, there’re thousands of serious cases that dogs need special treatments just because of eating pork chop bones have been recorded. And this number is unlikely to decrease because out there, people still think small pieces of bones are edible and even better than big bones to dogs.

Stop feeding your dogs these chop bones! I know that pork bones contain a greater source of nutrients more than other kinds of bones (except the rib ones). However, you need to know that the tiny pork chop bones can harm your dogs in many serious ways. Some of them are shown below:

Tiny Pieces of Bone Can Be Stuck in Dogs’ Stomach

This is the most common situation that happens in dogs. Normally, the food will be digested completely in the stomach, then passed to the intestines. But not the pork chop bones as its size is too big to be gone on. As a result, those shards will get stuck in dogs’ stomach.

Day by day, the number of chop bones will increase and block the way food flowing into the intestines. Gradually, the dog will need surgery so that all of the minute pork chop bones inside him can be removed completely.


Eating too many bones can cause constipation in dogs. This is just in case all the bone fragments are small enough to be passed through the intestines. Those fragments may stay inside the stool or move alone.

The second situation is more dangerous than the other. It’s because the sharp edges can hurt and bleed the intestine wall. In fact, if this keeps happening in this way, your dogs will need a visit to the vet in the near future. However, this doesn’t mean the first circumstance doesn’t harm your dogs at all. Calcium staying in the chop bones can make dogs’ stool harder and harder, and make the constipation condition worse.

Teeny Fragments Can Get Stuck in Dogs’ Windpipe

This case is quite rare, but it still happens. Your dogs may havedifficulty to breathe because their windpipe has foreign objects: tiny chop bones. Maybe because of some reasons, the dogs inhale these pieces into their lungs and cause breath-difficulty. If your dogs have some breath-difficulty problems, give them a visit to the vets as soon as you can to avoid the fatal case.

Dogs’ Teeth Can Be Broken

Bones are much harder than dogs’ teeth and the thing that bones affect directly on their teeth is obviously. Small pieces of pork bones can destroy and create small hollow on dog’s teeth, making it get weaker after few years.

How About Big Pork Bones?

In fact, the key to the safety of your dogs is not the size of the bones, but it depends on the condition of the bones. We mean, is the bone raw or cooked? And the answer is raw bones which are better in many ways.

Why? The pork bone is notorious for its splinter, which means that once it is cooked, it will be easily broken into many teeny shards. The more fully the bone is cooked, the more shards it will break into. And this happens on rib bones (of all kinds of poultry) as well.

That’s why pork bones and rib bones are listed in the list of limited food due to dangerous fragments. Sadly, chicken bones and turkey bones also stand in this list.

How About Raw Bones?

Cooked bones aren’t recommended due to their hazard. So, some people think that maybe raw bones are much better as they don’t break into many pieces like the cooked ones. This means that the dogs’ digestive system will not be threatened by tiny fragments.

However, most experts don’t think so. Although they all agree that raw pork bones are safer than cooked bones, they believe that raw bones contain lots of bacteria which can cause some serious diseases in dogs like diarrhea. That’s why the pet owners should keep the bone as fresh as it should be before giving it to their dogs.


In summary, pork chop bones aren’t recommended to give dogs due to many potential hazards to the dogs’ digestive system. Pet owners are advised not to give their dogs both cooked and raw bones as well because they may make dogs get diarrhea. But if your dogs are so keen on them, you can try recreational bones at the grocery which seem to be safer than others.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with lots of useful information. If you have any questions, please leave them below. We will answer them as soon as we can! Thank you!

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