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Can You Have Sex With The Dog?

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The question, how to have sex with your dog, seems to be very disgusting for many of us. It is against the Civil law, and if caught by the authorities, the person involved in the action will have to face prosecution for animal abuse. That is what the law says. Okay, let us keep away the legal part and let us discuss the physical and biological side of bestiality. In general, under the term, when a human is having sex with an animal is known as bestiality.

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Bestiality is a crime:


Bestiality is a crime in many countries, and it comes under animal abuse. In the United States, 37 states have, proclaimed bestiality as a crime. As per records until 2005, in the US there were animal brothel farms, where people allowed to have paid sex with animals, including sex with female dogs. Due to the increased accidental deaths, during bestiality, prompted the authorities to take actions and introduced the bills to ban bestiality. Bestiality is a perversion. Any unnatural sexual fixing is perversion; this is what one side of the argument who oppose bestiality.

There is every possibility to have sexually transmitted diseases from animal to human, which are zoonoses. These infections can occur due to casual contact with the animal, or semen, saliva, vaginal fluids, blood, feces, urine, etc. The risk factor is very high, and some infections are incurable. Other than physical damages, such as rupturing of private parts, bites, etc., are the common dangers noticed during bestiality.

The main argument against bestiality is the opponents consider it as an inappropriate, unacceptable behavior disorder, referred to a sick mentality. The action is against the basic ethics of humanity because animals can never give consent for this action. The action challenges the dignity of the human race and against the morality of the society.

Sex with female dog and supporters of bestiality:

There are many depicts we can see, when we revisit the history, in graphics, sculptures and writing exposing the sexual enacts of a human with different types of animals including sex with female dogs. Which means, it is not a fantasy, and it was there since pre-historic days. Many supporters believe that animals can understand what is going around them, and some animals actively and vigorously take part in the fixation. Especially, the support and co-operation of dogs are surprising, contrary to the arguments of people who oppose bestiality. In fact, dogs show active participation and enjoy the actions, which are evident in their body language.

The supporters, vehemently argue that there is no need to have a consent, as humans never take any consent when they slaughter animals or subjects them for artificial insemination. We cannot discount the fact that animals did not experience physical and emotional disturbances when they subjected for artificial insemination.

Sex with dog and the precautions:

Sex with a female dog is practically not impossible. Especially if your dog is in her heat stage, it will easily adjust to having sex. For having sex with female dog, you need to wait for the right time of her heat. The first heat of a female dog may happen anytime between nine months and fifteen months. The first heat stage will be a difficult process, and you probably will not be able to have a successful attempt. Therefore as per general opinion, from second heat onwards, your female dog will be in a position to accommodate you physically. The size of the dog is important, as no such foreplay is possible and you cannot expect to have such kind of lavish foreplay with these animals. The Large female dog will not have much problem to accommodate manhood.

Preparations for your safety:


Yes, you have to prepare for it to make it happen. It may not be possible for you to have a straight drive. You need to have some KY Jelly, or non-petroleum lubricants to support your actions. Wearing a rubber is also advisable to avoid any possible sexual infections. The possibility of infection from vaginal fluids is very high, especially brucellosis and some of the infections are non-curable and life threatening. There is no clinical evidence to confirm that bestiality can be a reason for AIDS, but anyhow prevention is better than cure. So never, take a chance.

Sex with male dogs:guide to having sex with your dog

There is an element of risk for having sex with male dogs. If you are planning how to have sex with your dog, you should have enough time and convenience to settle down, after having sex with a male dog. It will not be that easy to sleep with a female dog. A male dog after having sex will reach to a “stuck” stage, where is unable to pull out his penis because the penis will swell inside the uterus and shall lock within the vagina. This is a common phenomenon, we can see when male and female dog engages sexually, and they stay in “Tie” situation for an extended period and unable to disconnect.

The same situation shall happen when a male dog has intercourse with a woman. It will be a difficult situation, and the woman has to allow the cooling time to have the stuff unlocked, which may take nothing less than 30-40 minutes. That is the reason; you have to be careful while sexually engage with a male dog unless you have enough time for cooling down, do not risk yourself. As woman’s vagina do not have muscles as found in a female dog’s vagina, a woman who does regular sexual engagement will find it is easy to manage.


All dogs are great lickers. They can lick your private parts religiously. Your desire, how to have sex with your dog did not disturb you, and you have no guilty feeling having sex with your dog, then you are right in your terms. Since it is a private affair, it should not hurt others or animal lovers. As long as the actions happen within the four walls of your room, with extreme privacy and you have the time, mood to enjoy, and you have the right precautions, it is okay to have sex with your dog.

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