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How Often Should A Puppy Poop

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How often should a puppy poop?  The question may look like a silly question.  Nevertheless, if you are a dog lover, you must know how often you puppy may poop and what are factors that you want to know about the pooping habits.  Generally, the manner and the kind of defecation depend on the amount of food intake and the health of your pet puppy. To maintain a healthy practice of defecation, you need to give proper potty training for your puppy.

Normal poop:

For a puppy to poop 1 to 5 times a day is normal, but it all depends on certain factors. We have to see how much the pet has eaten in the last 24 hours, the fiber in his diet and the age of the dog. You see, puppies defecate more often than an adult dog.

On the other hand, your dog may not be defecating as often as he should. Then the reason could be that he has not eaten much. The diet of a dog goes a long way in the way he poops.

Exercising a dog, taking him for long walks may make him poop more often. Feeding a dog needs proper scheduling; otherwise, free feeding can get him defecate more often.


The concern for you will be if your dog passes poop, which has blood or mucus. Then in such situations, you may take your dog to a veterinary doctor for further checkup.

Some medications can also alter the frequency of poop. Opioids have the tendency to create constipation on the dog.  Feeding your dog with high-quality dog food will improve the movement of the dog’s bowl.

A hookworm infestation can also make the dog poop more often and may have diarrhea. This worm is the most common infection in America, and most dogs do get infested by this worm. Therefore, you must be careful regarding this worm infection and see that the dog stays healthy.


Food is an important thing in maintaining the defecation frequency, so you should be careful to give only good quality food for your puppy.  Cheap dog food will contain lot of grains, especially cornmeal, which irritates the digestive tract of the dog and can cause loose stools

Look for a dog food that does not contain corn or wheat. Read the ingredient list and feed the dog with food with only one type of grain, rice and some quantity of meat. In case the dog is having loose stool then the best thing is to feed the dog with steamed rice.

Food Habit:

When feeding a dog make sure that the food prepared for the pet must be given twice a day, at regular intervals, instead of keeping the food down for the pet to eat at its own convenience. This makes the dog’s habit of defecating more predictable. Also, do not feed her with that stuff which you eat because that can have a harmful effect on the dog’s system of digestion.

Constipated pet:

A dog can have constipation due to lack of water intake and even lack of exercise. You can give some canned pumpkin to the pet dog as it has high fiber content, preventing compaction of the digested food. The proper dose would be to add one tablespoon of pumpkin food to one spoon of regular food for about 2 to 3 days. I hope that this may help to get rid of constipation.

Another reason could be a blocked intestine because of something, which he has swallowed. Along with this, the dog could be in pain or vomit. A visit to the vet is necessary in this case.

Extra oil in the puppy’s food can also help in reducing constipation.

The advice given by some people is not to mix kibble diet with raw food because the former is difficult to digest. Nevertheless, this has many variations and some people say that giving them both together will not disturb the digestive pattern of a pup. So this point is still debatable though some say this is an out of date advice. All these things are primary in order has to keep a check on the pooping habits of the pet.

Food pattern and diet:

The food that you feed to the puppy and the duration or frequency of giving food to a puppy eventually is the deciding factor as to the pooping habit of a pup. A good quality food will have sufficient amount of fiber. Buy dog food from a reputed store. The puppy should not eat more than four meals a day. The more he eats he tends to poop. He should be on a grain free diet. Nutrition should also take top priority in the food of a puppy.

The size of a dog also is another factor in the pooping habit of a puppy. Bigger dogs can handle more intake of water compared to small ones and so poop less, accordingly.

How can you give potty training to puppy?  Watch the video below.


So a single factor cannot decide about the poop habit of your puppy. Factors like diet, frequency, ingredient, size and breed of the canine, etc., are important things that influence its defecation pattern. When we say the average frequency of defecation is 1 to 5 times a day, you can consider it as a normal condition.   However, you need to check the status of the motion.  Frequent defecation and alternative defecation required proper medical attention.   Always feed the puppy with good quality food and give proper potty training for your dog from the very beginning to have a trouble free time with your dog.


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