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Is Sorbitol Safe For Dogs ?

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Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol because it is a combination of sugar and alcohol. Glucitol is its other name, and it is available in large quantities in raspberries, peaches, blueberries, cherries, and apricots. Sorbitol produced by fruit extract synthesizing and using as a sweetener for the diet drink, sugar-free candies, chewing gum, etc.

It is commonly using to treat occasional constipation among humans. This type of medication can go easy with the human body, and it has recently proved that it can work great on dogs too. Although it is safe to consume, it would better to check with a doctor before you start using it.

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The general application of Sorbitol

Sorbitol can be given to your dog as prescribed by the doctor. The basic use of this medication is to regulate the bowel movements if your dog is suffering from constipation issues. You need to continue giving the medication to your dog until the bowel movements turn to normal.

Is Sorbitol safe for dogs?

Sorbitol and dogs can sound unfamiliar to many people. It is a proven medicine for dogs and is not toxic. Dogs do like it because of sugar content, and it will work on dogs similarly how it works on humans. Although it’s safe to treat your dogs with Sorbitol, the dosage level must be given only as per the doctor's recommendation; overdose shall lead to other health-related problems.

The Sorbitol, if prescribed as a solution, must be taken temporarily to treat the bowel movement of your dog; any prolonged use of them shall lead to a laxative dependence. Sorbitol is moreover a sugar substitute and can bring no harm to your pet dogs. It actually is a sugar substitute and has nutritional value to an extent. Unlike artificial sweeteners with zero calories, it provides dietary energy. By no way, it can increase the blood sugar or glucose level, because it is a type of carbohydrates which does not absorb by the body completely.

How can you give Sorbitol for dogs?

  • Give your dog Sorbitol as a chewing gums.
  • As a laxative, give along with any food.
  • Use in powder form by mixing with milk or water.

Since it is sweet, dogs will consume it readily.


  • Helps to treat diarrhea
  • Good to control vomiting.
  • Helps in temporarily normalizing the bowel movements
  • Helps in killing the germs that were letting the bowels turn abnormal
  • Dogs consume it quickly, due to the sugar taste.
  • Instant relaxation if taken in the correct dose.
  • It uses in dog toothpaste

Negative effects:

Although Sorbitol can bring in an immediate solution to the bowel movements that have been causing diarrhea, gas, and nausea within them, it has some side effects if consumed excess than the prescribed dose. The very first adverse impact due to overdose is itching, rashes, dizziness and breathing problems.

Although, if consumed in the prescribed dose Sorbitol may sometimes create minor issues for your dog. Mostly, the problem will be stomach upset, and it will subsidize itself in a short period. If there is no change in the situation after 24 hours, then you need to consult with your veterinary doctor. As a home remedy, you can try giving activated charcoal mixtures, which is useful to absorb the toxin contents and can neutralize the Sorbitol effect.

If your dog develops any of the above symptoms, then you need to take your dog immediately to a veterinary doctor, because it could be due to excess consumption of Sorbitol. Although these are the most common adverse effects that a dog can develop after consuming sorbitol, there can be many other symptoms too. So you need to observe your dog carefully after taking Sorbitol as prescribed or overdose.


Sorbitol produced by synthesizing fruit extracts and is sugar alcohol with a sweet taste. It is available in powder, liquid and chewing gum form and easy to administer to the dogs for regulating bowel movements. It works the same way on dogs how it works with the human body. Excess intake of Sorbitol can be a reason for abdominal pain, flatulence, or even cause diarrhea in humans and the same symptom can find with dogs too. Administering Sorbitol to dogs are easy as they won't resist intakes. Sorbitol if given in right dose can deliver a better result for treating vomiting and bowel movement disorders in dogs. Like every medicine, it would be better to consult with your veterinary physician before you administer Sorbitol to your dog.

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