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What Are the Benefits of Having Pets?

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Pets have such a major impact on humans. There are always different articles coming out that mention the different benefits that come with pets being around those who are sick, especially young children and the elderly who may be living in hospital or nursing home environments. Having a pet around is something that has been known to help people who struggle with dementia, depression, or even diabetes. When you have a pet around, you do not feel as lonely and may feel a lot happier.

Pet Programs at the Nursing Home Facilities

Some nursing homes have pet programs where properly trained dogs and cats may visit or live inside the building, spending time with the humans who live there. It is a good idea for all nursing homes to offer this type of service to those living there because of the benefits that come with being around pets. Some of the best pets for nursing homes include small dogs, cats, and even birds. Many elderly individuals love being around beautiful birds.

How the Aging Population Can Benefit From Having Pets


Aging individuals can benefit from having pets in several ways. Interacting with different animals stimulates the mind and provides a sense of excitement and happiness. Rather than thinking about their ailments, the elderly may spend more time with their pets, whether they are brushing them, playing with them, or simply petting them. Pets are a bit of a good distraction from the pain and discomfort an aging person may feel. They can also be great for therapy.


Some elderly people feel lonely because their family members may not be able to visit them as often as they would like. When they have a pet to love, it tends to fill that void. They no longer feel as lonely as they felt beforehand. Having a pet can even boost an elderly person’s self-esteem because the person becomes accountable for the animal and takes on the responsibility of providing care, whether feeding, taking the animal for walks, or even helping with grooming.


Pets provide a source of fun and entertainment. An elderly person who would normally stay inside may choose to get out each day to take the animal for a walk, which is good for both the animal and the elderly person because then they are both getting some exercise. The elderly may even come up with a set routine where they get up at a certain time in the morning to take their pets for a walk. A set routine is something that an elderly person may thoroughly enjoy.


Having a pet is quite beneficial for many reasons. It gives the aging community a chance to have a companion, create a schedule, get more exercise, socialize even more, and relieve a lot of their stress.

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