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What Happens To A Dog Who Eats Table Scraps?

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If you own a dog, then the question, what happens to your dog who eats table scraps, can crop up at least a few times. Well, if it has not until now, then you will want to read this article carefully. It would seem like a playful gesture, feeding your dog with your hands. Perhaps you like to give him/her little to eat from your plate to satisfy the painful look in their eyes.

what happens your dog who eats table

With his/her tail wagging at you, giving you those adorable face looks from time and time, it can melt your heart, and you feel relieved when you pamper your dog a bit. You feel that it is a harmless activity. Feeding a dog from your plate is not a very dangerous thing.

Well, you might be surprised to know that unlike humans, dogs have a very different immune system, which needs different nutrients. The reason for that is very simple. Dogs are entirely different from humans. Their walk, behavior, and reactions are completely different from us. It is only natural that they have foods that we do not consume because they are healthy for them.

Similarly, what we feel are healthy for us, need not be good for them. Like humans, when we consume foods like oils and fats in excess quantities, we end up on the heavier side, similarly when dogs given the wrong diet, unknowingly, it can have serious consequences. Let us read on and find some of the healthy foods, which you dog can have.

We will also provide you with a list of foods dangerous for your dogs should not have to be on the safe side.

The foods that your dog can eat

Before we move into the foods, you will want to know that the ASPCA (Animal Poison Control Center) has handled more than 130 cases involving one or more dogs. More than a third of the dogs during their treatment period developed symptoms ranged from vomiting to kidney failure, while some even died.

While boiled beef is excellent, chicken and mutton are a strict no. When cooking the beef, you will want to ensure that you avoid oil at all. Just boil it with some salt, until it becomes soft and then give it with some rice in a bowl. The size of your dog is also vital. Larger dogs will need more food.

Perhaps you will find this video more interesting! Watch out the types of food you can give to your dog.

The foods that your dog cannot eat

  1. Bones

You may feel aghast! Indeed, it is one of your favorites as well as your dogs, but you will want to know that chicken bones can choke your dog. The large pieces are sharp when broken into small pieces in your dog’s mouth and can cause serious injuries. Instead, you would want to buy him/her the fake bones and be safe.

  1. Chocolatethe foods that your dog cannot eat

How this one come here? Well, too much of chocolate can be bad for us. It is the same with dogs; however, even little amounts can cause an upset stomach. It is best to avoid it.

  1. Spoiled food

You can find these in the garbage, which might be your dog’s favorite hunting ground when you leave him/her outside in your porch or garden. Keep an eye for that or place your cans in a no access area from your dogs.

  1. Alcohol

You cannot even in your wildest dreams think about giving your dog alcohol. Supposing you have accidently spilled alcohol on the floor, wipe it immediately. Otherwise, it might cause your dog to act weirdly and even bite somebody at home. Take it seriously.

  1. Grapes

So, why are grapes harmful? They can cause acute kidney failure. Always make sure to keep your garbage can away from the reach of your dog. You do not want your dog eating out of it. Though there might be few tasty leftovers, eating out of the can is not the way to go. Avoid giving your dog foods like popcorn and chocolate.

Lastly, never compromise on the health of your dog. Ensure that you take him/her to the vet promptly and give immediate medical attention as and when required.


It is safe to say that, the public are more concerned about their dogs more than never before. That is because of the intense efforts of several online and offline forums promoting awareness of dog’s health and doing their best to spreading the campaign on “why your dog should not eat table scraps.” However, as a responsible dog owner, you will want to do your best in ensuring that you find out more about the foods and their harmful effects on your dog’s health.

Studies recently confirmed the adverse effect of cocoa and grapes on dogs. You can get such valuable information on dog’s diet and health if you could sign up free forums related to dog health, as there are various studies and researches continuing on this subject.  You also get to meet with like-minded people who own dogs and are very concerned about their dog’s health. There are also excellent sources like ASPCA (Animal Poison Control Center) which can provide you more on the latest dog health information.

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