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What Kind of Dog is Scooby Doo

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Scooby Doo is a famous animation protagonist dog of the television franchise Scoobert Scooby Dooby Doo. The famous US animation company, Hanna-Barbera produced eponymous character in 1969.  This dog is the hero of this cartoon series. Scooby Doo is a male Great Dane dog, which has both canine and human behaviors. Scooby Doo can speak broken English, and he usually adds the letter R in front of every word he speaks.

The design features of Scooby Doo were the creation of Iwo Takamoto, who was the production designer of Hanna-Barbera, by copying the features of one of his friend’s Great Danes.

Anatomy and Appearance

Scooby Doo is brown in color from head to toe and has several black spots on the upper body. Like every other dog, he is also quadruple and sometimes he shows bipedal characteristics. What make Scooby Doo more interesting is its opposable thumbs, which allow him to place the thumb opposite the fingers and use the front paw to grab things like a human hand.

dog is scooby doo

The typical costume of Scooby Doo is very impressive, as it is standard in all the Scooby Doo series.  The most notable feature is its black nose and a blue color collar with a pale yellow tag in a diamond shape with iconic toes. Contrast to other dog varieties the animation version of Scooby features only one pad and it created on its sole.  This featuring makes it easy to draw the character for repeated publications.

The cartoon character Scooby Doo’s tail is full in length and is able to use for pressing buttons, swing or even grasping, which is designed to capture the attention of children as well as adults.  Its tail and head are flexible and exclusively designed to support communication in an interesting way or to use for interrupting in between.  The animation character is very much amusing, interesting and with lot of human intelligence. You can have lot of information about Scooby Doo in many authentic sites.

Designing of Scooby Doo

Before creating Scooby Doo, the designer Iwao Takamoto consulted a Great Dane breeder. The breeder explained the different features of Great Dane dogs. Takamoto then decided to create a character, which is just opposite to Great Dane in looks.  The appealing look further augmented by providing a small chin, bowed legs, a bulging back and many to create it as an imposing character. Nevertheless, while animating, he kept some of the important features of Great Dane dog intact.

The origin of Great Dane Breed:

The traits of the Great Dane’s origin are visible in the Irish wolfhound with a mixture of old English Mastiff.  The Germans developed Great Dane breed for hunting wild boar, a ferocious animal. When no longer used for hunting, the Great Dane breed changed to one of a great companion and estate guard dog.

Features of Great Dane:

The Great Dane is a large domestic dog of German origin, and it is famous for its large size. It is one of the tallest dog breeds. Male Great Danes measures about 30 to 34 inches tall and their weight is between 120 to 200 pounds. Females are 28 to 32 inches tall, and it weighs about 100 to 130 pounds. A well-bred Dane is one of the best-natured dogs available now in the world. When compared to activity needs of many other dog breeds, Great Dane activity needs has an average to low scaling.

great dane is scooby doo

Great Dane is truly a great dog breed. This dog breed is noble and giant.  Because of these qualities, people call it as “gentle giant” or as “Apollo of Dogs.”  The dog may look mighty and terrific in appearance but in real term, it is a soft mannered one.  You need to start training the dog from the very early puppy stage.  The dog required early stage training, and if properly trained, it can get along with your family members very well.

Watch the video and see the activities of Great Dane dogs

The primary purpose of developing Great Dane was for hunting ferocious animals like wild boar, but he probably would not be splendid at it today.  It was essential to have a strong dog to track down such a large, scheming animal. Today, people do not have such kind of requirements nor people do not engage in such kind of hunting games, because of changed wild animal protection laws and prohibition of endangered species.  Due training at the early stage of his life can make it as one of the best dogs and shows considerable accommodation ability to get along with other pet animals and home members.


Great Dane is playful and charming.  You can never find the dog showing aggressive behavior unless provoked to the extreme level.  He loves to move around his people. It is an excellent watchdog, courageous and very much loyal. It maintains a good relationship with children.  The Great Dane has a short, glossy coat and is easy to maintain.

Scooby Doo is one of the most iconic characters in the animation world. Due to the wide acceptance of the Scooby-Doo animation videos, many people are now want to own a Scooby Doo breed of dogs. The animation cartoon created a huge demand for the Great Dane breed of dogs. Thus, the Great Dane became one of the most sought after dog breeds.


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