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Why Does Dog Lick My Feet?

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Dogs are the most faithful and friendly animal to man. There are plenty of stories in human history describing their unusual friendship with the man. The relationship between man and dog goes back pre-historic ages, and their relationship forged to become one of the best relationships between man and animals. Their relationships are time tested, and dogs are the best true friend of man.

The dog is the most loyal friend to man. The loyalty quotient tries to show by various emotions like barking, licking, etc. At times, the pet owners might like their behavior, but sometimes, it might be annoying. However, there is nothing unusual or wrong with the pet. Some of the reasons cited for their behavior are as follows-


  • Want of affection or love:

The dog cannot communicate his feelings by words to us. He tries to show his affection by licking the feet or the face of its owner. The dog does this to show gratitude to his master. It is a way of action to express that he understands his master and show his loyalty towards him by licking his feet.

  • To show its acceptance in the family:

The dog licks the feet of the members whom he loves. By doing this, he tries to demonstrate that he accepts the social order of the family. The dog also works to ensure his place in the family.

  • Licking to show affection:

Licking releases pleasurable endorphins. This calms and comforts the dog. However, if you want your pet to stop too much licking, simply ignore him and walk into another room. The dogs are very sensitive they will eventually understand that his master does not like his behavior and will stop it.

  • Try to convey the demand for food or water or something else:

At times, the dog might be hungry and so want food, water or wants to express some message, to keep the door opened or closed. He might be trying to communicate this massage to his master by licking.

  • For gathering information:

Some experts are of the opinion that dogs lick human feet to gather information about the person. A dog has millions of sound and receptors to track smell in his mouth and nose, which he uses it to process information about the human through feet licking. As the body secretes sweat, it releases information about the individual, which the dog can process.

  • Like the taste of salt and human sweat:

The human foot has many sweat glands. This sweat is a combination of moisture and salt. Some dogs like it, and so they lick.

Licking is importance for a dog:

Dogs are social being just like humans. They need all the attention and love of their owners. To get this, they start licking their loved ones. It has a close relation with other factors like showing social acceptance to its owner. Licking usually means submission. When dogs lick the feet, it also gestures the position of the dog with its owner.

Why does dog lick my feet? Watch the video.

Love and submission:

The practice of licking its master’s feet also signals the beginning of the bond between the dog and its master. The relationship between a dog and its master is very emotional, and it usually ends with the death of his master or other serious calamities. This licking shows a combination of both love and submission of the dog.

Dogs try to communicate their love and affection through licking. As they cannot talk, they show it by licking. More over the human sweat appear tasty to the dog because of the salt in it. Sweat helps the dog in processing information about the person. The sebum released from the sebaceous glands is a great source for dogs to collect more information about the individual, in fact, the sebum provides complex messages to the dog, and dog as the unique ability to process the information about the person.

Dog and Man

Both dog and man are social, friendly beings. They love each other’s company. Man in his quest to search for truth might be superior to the dog. Nevertheless, in term of loyalty and faithfulness is way behind the dog. Concerning love and loyalty, the dog is the best friend to man. There is hardly any instance where the dog has been not loyal to his friend, the man.

A dog expresses its loyalty to his master in various forms by wagging around, licking, barking, etc. Licking the feet of the owner or sleeping on his feet are very touching and emotional scenes for the master and the dog. The sense of touch connects both to an unbreakable bond.


There might be many scientific, psychological reasons for licking. However, the best reason is, it wants to show the love, admiration, and respect to its master. After a tiring day’s work, the love that a dog showers to its owner is something only you can experience and is beyond any words. Dogs are arguably the best pet animal than any other domestic animals, considering its loyalty and love. It gives a positive psychological influence on man as a true friend.

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