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As the wise saying goes ‘Dog is a man’s best friend’. So we should be as concerned about their health as we are for ours. They lend us their warmth, their nonjudgmental support, their unconditional love at all times.

The first indictor of a canine’s health is its feces. Although it is routine for any dog to excrete between 1 to 5 times within 24 hours, so if it is varying within a frequency then your beloved four-pawed is doing great otherwise it’s time to visit the vet. So, stop worrying why your dog poops so much!!

Factors that impact a dog poop a day can be any one of the many:

  • The quantity the dog has eaten in the last 24 hours

  • Fiber content in the diet

  • Dog’s breed

  • Age

However, as your dog enjoys a healthy weight, has a good disposition, and the feces are normal, then your dog is a happy one. When the canine is experiencing pain during or after poop or is constipating then it could mean trouble for him.

Whenever your pawed angel is producing feces too many times or if the feces are loose or contain mucus or fresh blood then it could have been caused by colitis or inflammatory bowel disease. These diseases can be cured by simple medication by a vet.

One of the causes of your dog poop so much is the quantity of food consumed by the dog. Consulting with the vet nutritionist is the best option. If you are feeding the dog once or twice in a day, then a good option would be to break up the same quantity of food into 3-5 smaller portions, so that the dog can digest each meal properly and can consume the nutrients properly. So, if the dog is excreting 4-5 times during a single walk, then it may shift to once during 2-3 walks you give the dog daily due to better digestion of the diet.

It may be caused by the brand that you are feeding to your pet. So asking for advice from your vet is perfect judgment.

So whatever your dog is eating has to come out, therefore it matters a lot what you are feeding your dog.

Few points to ensure your dog’s diet;

  • Feed equal quantity every day

  • Choose the best quality dog food

  • Curb human food

  • Make sure that your dog does not go exploring the garbage

  • Knowledge of all the plants growing in your yard or planters and your neighbors

  • Teach them boundaries for feeding purposes

  • Harmful chemicals like cleaning products, medicines household trash and such should be off limits for your dog

Here is a dog poop chart to help you gauge their feces

There can be few other reasons as to why your dog poops so much. Although if your dog is physically fine after the visit to the vet of course! Then observe the changes in dog’s behavior. It may be traumatized, scared or simply sex arousal in it.

In the case of a behavioral change, something might have triggered it off. So praise the pet whenever it poops.

If your dog is defecating so much, then the best way to go is keeping a journal for the vet’s consultation reasons.

So love those angles and take care of them!

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  • My chi pup is 10 weeks, poops 20 to 30 times in her indoor pen, won’t do it outside, very timid, is fed 2x daily high quality food, I’m lost as to what to do next , I’m disabled and am very tired of trying with my whole heart to train her. Please any advise????


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